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Since 2017, Viz Global Tours Services, a reputable travel agency, India, has worked tirelessly to enhance your travel experience. We offer you all the travel-related services you require, including passport, visa, and domestic and international tour packages. We prioritise developing a close bond with each of our customers. In India as a whole, Viz Global Tours renowned for its expertise in visas and travel.The company collaborated with different kinds of companies abroad.We specialise in providing visa services and vacation packages to destinations such as Singapore, Dubai, China, Thailand, Europe, and the United States. In addition to handling passports and visas, we also offer domestic and international trip packages, currency exchange, hotel reservations, immigration services, and foreign exchange.

In order to overcome the numerous bureaucratic obstacles put in the way of foreign visitors, Viz Global Tours recruits a team of qualified, trustworthy, and diverse personnel with an international perspective. They know their way past these hurdles not only from professional training programmes and effective management, but through a wealth of personal and shared experience. In essence, the business and those who rely on it uphold the highest standards of commitment, respect, and professionalism.

Experts in Tour & Travel

The tour and vacation packages offered by Viz Global Tours are interesting.You can reserve both domestic and foreign tour and travel packages that include well-known vacation spots.

Experts in Visas & Foreign Exchange

Given that we are licensed and certified visa agents, you could put your trust in us.Viz Global Tours takes every opportunity to arrange visas efficiently and conveniently for you.



Our Team

Suhail Khan VIZ Global Tours
Suhail Khan is the Director and Head of Visa department of Viz Global Tours Pvt. Ltd., has featured in the Indian travels list 2017 for his unprecedented growth in the corporate sphere by transforming viz global tours into the world’s leading visa assistance and packaging services company, and he is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and vision, Viz global has the tied up all over the world 100 above country for the tourism. Suhail is a commerce graduate from Delhi University and his completed his business management studies from Delhi. Joining Air India in 2010, Suhail handled several managerial role before he was appointed as the CEO viz global tours. Suhail was certified several embassy like France, Italy, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, UK and Russia.



Shahrukh Quraishi VIZ Global Tours
Shahrukh Quraishi is the Director and Head of Operation Department of Viz Global Tours Pvt. Ltd., Having graduated from CCS University and he completed his Aviation Management studies from Delhi and IATA certified as well as Fidelio Software for Hotel, completed his Travel Management and he is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and vision,
Shahrukh started his career in the travel industry in 2009 he has knowledge for the visa of all stream, he just got experience for the Australia visa application center, subclasses completed study in visa process, document processing for the visa and shorting the document, It could be said he completely specialization in aviation.



Mohd Shoaeb VIZ Global Tours
Mohd Shoaeb is the Director and Head of Business Development of Viz Global Tours Pvt. Ltd.
he is responsible for the company’s overall business strategy and vision, Mohd Shoaeb began his career in the travel industry in 2014, Having Post Graduated in Tourism Management from Delhi, with a mission to connect people to life-enriching travel experiences.
Under his leadership, Viz Global Tours has grown into the largest online travel agency for multi-day tours in the world, with tour offerings in over 100 countries.



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